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Client Success Stories and Testimonials

Buccaneer Computer Systems & Service, Inc. 

Before:  $5.6 million in annual revenue.

After:  Won 11 of 12 proposals managed and written by C&F. Expanded business into new agencies. $68 million in annual revenue. Sold company to Vangent (now part of GDIT) in 2010.

“Clarus & Fidelis is the best I've ever experienced. If we really wanted, or even more, if we needed to win, I never hesitated to call them. Simply stated, they're the ones to call if you want to win. We would have grown faster had they been in business during our early years. As soon as I heard of the team they were putting together to start Clarus & Fidelis, I hired them. Their hard working and dedicated consultants know how to help you grow your federal business and achieve your goals. Clarus & Fidelis was my trusted partner for success at Buccaneer!” – Gary Newell, Buccaneer Computer Systems & Service, Inc. (Former Owner; Currently Refining His Boating Skills in the Bahamas)

Edaptive Systems

Before:  10 straight years averaging $2 million in annual revenue.

After:  Won $130 million in new business within 18 months of C&F support. Expanded customer base. $85 million in annual revenue. Sold company to ManTech in 2017.

“C&F’s proposal and business development expertise helped Edaptive grow from a $2 million software development firm to a $40 million systems integrator. C&F’s knowledgeable and dedicated team of experts helped Edaptive win more than $130 million in new business within an 18-month period.” – Frank Blair, Partner, Edaptive Systems


"Clarus & Fidelis Consulting is an exceptional value-added asset to Raytheon. Their support in pursuing, proposing, and capturing high revenue generating contracts is unparalleled. C&F possesses significant and often unmatched talent and experience in the areas of market research, competitive analysis, winning proposal development, and pricing that captures the contract while achieving profit goals. Quite simply, C&F is the go-to consultant when there is a must-win pursuit." – Gregory Frich, Program Manager, USMC Secondary Reparable Program, Logistics Integration, Raytheon

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